Breaking Bad Season 5

Breaking Bad Season 5


AMC’s Breaking Bad follows the story of chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, who upon learning he has inoperable cancer takes to making super high-octane methamphetamine in order to leave money behind for his family. Breaking Bad Season 5 finds Walt hugely successful in the meth trade. He could at this point give up and walk away with more money than he ever set out to accumulate. He has more money than he or his family can be seen using, and has the DEA sniffing around on his tail.

But Walt has just murdered his competitor. Why give it up now when he can run an empire that once excluded him? Season 5 of Breaking Bad shows a very different Walt than the first season. Walt has become hardcore, and his wife Skylar wants out of it and far away. She is not the only one.

The Breaking Bad Season 5 premier shows Walt struggling to keep his money, business, and murder of his competitor a secret. The death of his rival, Gus, has left the trade wide open and Walt plans to take over the empire. His marriage is breaking down to the point where his wife, Skylar, fakes suicide just so her kids are taken away and placed with her sister. In Breaking Bad Season 5, Walt appears to have gone from what could be considered a noble criminal enterprise to one that he wants just for the power. With the DEA closing in Walt begins using a fumigating company to help him process the meth. He use the houses they tent as temporary labs. As Season 5 progresses the heat closes in and Walt loses his two closest partners, Jesse and Mike, who for varying reasons decide to leave the business.

Walt teams up with one of the fumigators, Todd, and begins shipping the drug to the Czech Republic. Skylar makes a final plea to get Walt to stop, but his lust may be too strong. He ends up murdering one of his former partners while a family relative and DEA agent has possibly found a book that connects Walt to his meth empire.

Watch Season 5 of Breaking Bad to find out all the details in what has been said by some critics to be the best drama in the history of television. Breaking Bad Season 5 was supposed to be the last season of the series, but the fan base is so committed that their is talk of ending Breaking Bad with a theatrical film.

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